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The most complete and reliable reservation package for restaurants, sport and leisure.
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Why choose


Reservations & Planning

The package makes taking offline and online reservations easy for any user at any level. The software automatically takes care of your planning from your computer or smartphone, with or without advance payment.


Monitor & Alerts

All processes are automatically monitored. You receive an alert when you need to take action, on your screen, on paper or by email!


Overview & Reports

EasyReservationPro provides insight and overview, and every imaginable report is easy to produce. It links Microsoft Office to your confirmations, invoices and reminders and to various PO systems if required.

Customisation & Configuration

EasyReservationPro works in any configuration, local and web based. Every database is customised, and each action is recorded at user level.


After sales & Promotions

Create more revenue through customer-friendly marketing and effective business operations. A comprehensive tool monitors your sales trajectory and shows the productivity of your team. And all this for a fixed annual fee!

Support & Training

Anyone can work with the software after just half an hour. Our helpdesk is always on standby and available FREE 7 days a week!

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